Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes! We found more treasures today! 
Beth an I had a long but very rewarding day at our bright yellow scaffolding. Part of the restoration treatment is the removal of later applied paint layers and skim coats that go extensively over the original decoration scheme. This is done with a small surgical knife aka a scalpel. By scraping very carefully and using otivisors it is possible to remove the later applied paint- and plaster layers and uncover the original paint layer.

And we found out that indeed it is extensively over painted! 

The center piece, the hand with the wheat also known as the 'Virgo sign' was pretty much over painted for almost 50% while maybe 15% was an actual loss and therefore a filling.
Uncovering the original paint layer is highly addicting and Beth and I just couldn't stop. Mumbling along the removal to each other how addicted we were...

Anyway we found  a lot today and the treasures we found are highly appreciated and cherished and will be preserved for the next generation!

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