Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preparations underway

We are gathering supplies and getting ready to start on July 26th, next Sunday! We'll be setting up our scaffolding and equipment on Friday morning, if all goes according to plan. Here's a quick run-through of the team:
Beth Edelstein (me), objects conservator, NYC
Sarah Barack, objects conservator and businesswoman extraordinaire, NYC
(together we run SBE Conservation, LLC)
Roos Keppler, conservator of historic interiors, from Amsterdam. Roos is the conservator who will really be running the project day to day, and I am so glad she's on board!
We will also be working with:
Harriet Irgang, paintings conservator, who has been incredibly generous with her time, support and expertise and will be starting us off during the first week.
Melanie Brussat, objects conservator, who will be coming on during the third week.
Batyah Shtrum, who is now in Italy conserving ancient artifacts and will be coming in towards the end of this phase.
There are lots more people who are deeply involved in this project and without whom it would not be happening, but above all is Elissa Sampson, resident historian of Stanton Street Shul and unflagging supporter of the preservation of these paintings. I could go on and on but an enormous thank you is going to have to suffice for now.
More to come...

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